Jack Irish: Old No 7 Cocktail

Back in the 1980s a good friend of mine introduced me to Jack Daniels (JD) Old No 7 Tennessee Sour Mash Whiskey. Whenever we had a night out, my friend would always finish the night with a glass of ‘Danny Boy’, as he used to call it, poured over a nice big chunk of ice. Back then JD, an American whiskey, was new to me and I suspect it was new to everyone else in the UK too. Now, it's a popular drink served in pubs up and down the UK, usually … [Read More...]

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Current Affairs


Coalition Government Nobbles Nhs

I’m annoyed although not surprised at revelations by former Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott in the Daily Mirror this morning: The Coalition Government is holding back £30 billion of revenue accrued from National Insurance contributions. Funds … [Read More...]

Jack Monroe

Has Sainsbury’s Really Axed Jack?

Austerity food blogger and Guardian columnist, Jack Monroe seems to be at the centre of a bit of a hoo-hah, according to an article in the Huff Post today. A hoo-hah which, according to some, may see her contract with Sainsbury terminated. It’s … [Read More...]

Stinson Hunter

Vigilante or Journalist?

Although I’m a professional investigator – with over thirty years of investigative experience – as well as a writer and a blogger with a healthy interest in news and journalism, I would never call myself a journalist. Stinson Hunter, on the other … [Read More...]

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