I Think Therefore I Blog

By Ian Harm

lao tzu

Analysing Thoughts

As we now know, thoughts play an import­ant part in the way we feel and how sub­sequently we behave. Despite this, many people have a tough time identi­fy­ing their think­ing. Often when you ask people what they are think­ing they … Read More


Identifying Automatic Negative Thoughts

This is another in a series of posts about cog­nit­ive beha­vi­oural ther­apy. As I’ve already men­tioned in other posts: thoughts cause feel­ings and this is the basis of cog­nit­ive beha­vi­oural ther­apy (CBT). All the tech­niques that have been developed in … Read More

just saying

Aspiration, what exactly does that mean?

Aspiration’, for the love of God, what does that mean? The con­tenders for Labour leader are all fond of banging on about ‘aspir­a­tion’ but, guess what, not one of them has a clue what they are talk­ing about. It’s fine try­ing to manip­u­late people with … Read More

Hayley Mills as Pollyanna

Thoughts, Feelings & Behaviour

Happiness can­not come from without. It must come from within. It is not what we see and touch, but that which we think and feel and do”… Helen Keller (1880–1968) Happiness is an emo­tion that we humans feel, depend­ent, not … Read More